Uptime and Speed: Do You Feel the Difference?

by BloodHub

BloodHub is engineered from the ground up to deliver a great user experience.  And for a great user experience, two things matter above all else: uptime and speed.  We measure these (and many more) performance indicators, and once a year we publish these numbers.

In 2015, BloodHub’s uptime was an outstanding 99.979%, which is a significant improvement over the impressive figures posted in 2013 and 2014.  If asked, most users would simply say “BloodHub is always up”.

Response times fared even better.  Average page load time was 2.4 seconds, compared to last year’s 2.7 seconds / page load.  We also were able to serve more users faster: 89.5% of all page load requests completed in under 4 seconds.

A 300 millisecond improvement in page load time may not sound like much, but it is a HUGE improvement given that BloodHub traffic grew by a whopping 50%.  Improving performance while growing quickly is not easy – it takes time, attention and substantive investments in infrastructure.

Will end users “feel the difference” in speed and uptime?  Probably not, but they do feel the cumulative attention to detail and quality, as well as our obsession with responsive customer service.  These investments are already paying dividends in customer goodwill, referrals and new feature requests.

We wish all of you, and especially those who working on New Year’s Eve, happy New Year with health and prosperity in 2016.