Two-Thirds of America's Blood Supply Flows Through BloodHub


Ordering for Blood Suppliers

Everything in One Place

Capture every single hospital request in one place, from blood orders to lab tests, returns, credits and more. Never miss a beat so you can consistently deliver customer service excellence.

Intelligent Routing

Route each order automatically to the right team with intelligent routing logic. Reduce information overload, errors and increase staff efficiency while minimizing turnaround times.

Automated Alerts

Maintain total control over your order queues with automated alerts. STAT taking too long to process? Don’t wait for an angry call. Receive notification with built-in escalations using text, email, and phone call.

Valuable Metrics

With everything your hospitals order in digital format, you can now see order patterns, staff productivity, turnaround times, and more. These metrics will yield lower costs and greater customer satisfaction.

Fulfillment for Blood Suppliers

Save Time

Fewer errors, faster turnaround times, no data entry. Verify each shipment before the box leaves the building. It all adds up to lower costs, higher staff productivity and most important, happier customers.

No Disruptions

Hospitals will stop calling when they can see the exact status of their order, including fill rate and back orders. That silence is golden: your staff can concentrate on filling the next order accurately.

Fewer Outdates

Improve your product allocation decisions with enterprise-wide inventory visibility. Integrate hospital inventory to help your customers maintain par level while reducing outdates. Less work, less waste, better service.

Precise Fill Rate

The most important number for blood suppliers and hospitals alike is Fill Rate. Knowing fill rate by product and blood type will guide recruitment, collections and production planning.

Transportation for Blood Suppliers

One Map For All

Every place you need to go is on the map. From blood drive pickups to product deliveries, and everything in between, including lab samples, product returns, and transfers.

Open For Business

Use Transportation APIs to connect, in real time, with couriers, on-demand delivery services and volunteers. Select the optimal shipment method for urgent deliveries or let your Dispatcher pick the most cost efficient route. The choice, and savings, are yours.

Mobilize Your Data

When your drivers carry smart phones, they will deliver more than product. They will capture a treasure trove of real time data to help you organize and optimize your delivery function.

Lower Cost, Higher Efficiency

Did you know that every component travels an average of 100 miles before it is transfused? Combine automated routing, courier integration and productivity metrics to put a big dent in your cost structure.

Billing for Blood Suppliers

Plug The Leaks

Given today’s price and margin pressures, every penny counts. Capture them all with integrated, “in-line” billing. Skip the data entry, too. All charges automatically flow onto the invoice.

Faster Cash Flow

With built-in contract management, everything is electronic. Start A/R aging immediately with automated invoice generation and delivery.

Rules and Limits

Control your costs, protect margins and improve service with rules and limits that generate surcharges, add-ons and discounts based on variables you control.

Electronic Payment

Speed up payment with online and e-payment options that take the hassle out of collections. Allow your customers to maximize their “float” but still pay on time.

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