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BloodHub Grows To 10 Million Blood Orders

Two out of every 3 life-saving blood products in the United States are transacted on BloodHub. BloodHub, the nation’s dominant blood and biologics supply chain solution, today announced that hospitals and blood suppliers created 10 million blood, laboratory and service orders through BloodHub. This milestone marks a major achievement on BloodHub’s ten year journey to […]

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Blood Bank of Delmarva Takes on a New Project Amid COVID Chaos

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far reaching consequences for many of our Nation’s businesses; blood banking notwithstanding.  Furloughs and school closures have devastated our mobile operations.  Stay at home orders have fewer donors coming into fixed sites.  And near-daily rule and regulation changes regarding collections has us all reeling. While many centers are trying to […]

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BloodBill Invoices $750M Annually

BloodHub, the nation’s dominant supply chain automation solution, recently surpassed $750M in annualized blood supplier revenue on BloodBill, the revenue automation platform for the blood industry.  Blood suppliers count on BloodBill to provide intuitive, interactive invoices that make hospital reconciliation easier and faster while eliminating revenue leaks with seamless integration between fulfillment and billing systems.  […]

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You spoke we listened

We Got Your Message!

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a “word of mouth” metric between -100 and 100 that captures the propensity of BloodHub customers and users to attract and refer new business or/and repeat business.  By NPS standards, any score above 0 would be considered Good, 30-49 = Great, 50-70 Excellent, while 70+ is considered World Class. Twice […]

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Ten Year Anniversary: Our Users Lead The Way

It’s been 10 years since we launched BloodHub.  Here’s our story: how we got started, what we’ve accomplished, and what is yet to come. Getting Started Ten years ago, a forward-thinking, innovative blood center CEO asked us a seemingly straightforward question: “Managing blood orders, inventory, lab services… it’s all rather complicated, paper-based, and labor intensive.  […]

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Managing Shipments When Inventories Are Uncertain

When difficult times arise, one of the first things that often goes by the wayside is innovation. Over 4,000 blood drives have been cancelled to date — which means suppliers have received 130,000 fewer blood donations than expected — and cancellations are only expected to climb in the coming weeks. A common reaction in any […]

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Coronavirus Readiness

BloodHub is operating at full staff capacity, with no issues reported.  We are cognizant of our vital role in supporting the US Blood Supply. Our Business Continuity analysis has identified two key areas of risk from Coronavirus: our employees and our service providers. Employees:  BloodHub’s management team has issued clear instructions to our employees to […]

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Customer Experience Has a New Champion at BloodHub!

BloodHub consistently delivers innovative solutions that are reliable and easy to use. That’s why 50,000 blood bankers rely on BloodHub to order nearly 12 million components annually. However, our passion and what really excites us most is making every user happy on a personal level. Nothing beats hearing “Oh wow, I really like that!”. When […]

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Bloodworks innovates INSIDE the box

For many years, Bloodworks NW has used BloodHub to engage more deeply with its hospitals, improve its operations and lower costs.  In fact, Bloodworks has one of the lowest STAT % rates in the nation, which speaks volumes in terms of customer satisfaction and efficiency. Bloodworks recently launched Bioproducts, a newly formed division that supplies […]

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