OneBlood is on a roll with BloodHub Logistics

by Brian Burkett

Inspired by visionary leadership from Lance Reed, COO & CIO and Alicia Prichard, SVP, OneBlood embraced BloodHub’s comprehensive, paperless hospital service model.  After a series of major go-live events, OneBlood now has successfully deployed BloodHub’s Logistics module. This accomplishment represents a genuine breakthrough in blood supply chain management and automation.

BloodHub’s Logistics brings together the time-sensitive, critical information needed to maximize the efficiency of dispatch and driver resources to deliver on a single, yet vitally important, goal: on-time deliveries at the lowest possible cost.

Logistics meets the needs of a diverse user community, including:

  • Dispatchers who require real-time visibility into drivers, vehicles, locations, and destinations
  • Drivers who rely on real-time traffic updates and route optimization to meet their delivery commitments
  • Hospital end-users who expect to see their driver’s location on demand combined with up-to-the-minute accurate ETAs
  • OneBlood managers who need granular data for continuous improvement.

“Logistics gives us the one thing we’ve never had before: real-time visibility across our service area with actionable metrics”, said Alicia Prichard, SVP of Biologics.  She continued: “The savings were immediate: we significantly reduced third party courier costs, drove fewer miles, increased load density, and limited overtime.  We’re even using a lot less paper!”

Looking ahead, OneBlood plans to leverage the Logistics module to further optimize its operations, centralize dispatch, and equitably allocate and re-capture the cost of excess delivery requests.