Miller-Keystone Blood Center selects BloodRelay for IRL automation

by Brian Burkett

BloodRelay automates patient and unit testing, integrates with BloodHub

Phoenix, Arizona: BloodHub, the nation’s dominant supply chain ecosystem, today announced that Miller-Keystone Blood Center (MKBC) has chosen BloodRelay® v1.1.0 (BloodRelay) to help automate its Immunohematology Reference Lab (IRL).

BloodRelay Order Panel

Miller-Keystone Blood Center’s desire to automate the workflows within the reference lab made BloodRelay the perfect addition to their already expansive BloodHub suite of products. MKBC has adopted BloodHub technology to increase efficiency, improve hospital satisfaction and reduce costs.  Adding BloodRelay for its IRL is a natural choice to allow for a reduction in errors while increasing staff productivity.

“Our top priority has always been safety,” says Rami Nemeh, COO at Miller-Keystone Blood Center. “BloodRelay’s highly configurable system allows us to create and manage our documentation to increase safety while fostering staff productivity.”

BloodRelay helps automate IRL workflows including patient and sample management, testing and reporting. BloodRelay’s flexible setup allows users to configure patient records to capture the information the IRL requires. Tracking sample data with flexible, user-defined fields and enabling tests that mirror existing workflows allows for optimal efficiency.  Two-way integration when you import the lab service order from BloodHub and export preliminary and final reports creates a paperless process with traceability and trackability to aid in efficiency and cost containment. 

Michael Pandelakis, BloodHub CEO added, “Miller-Keystone’s commitment to safety makes BloodRelay a logical next step in workflow automation.  Our continued partnership with MKBC is a true testament to their goal of improving their service to both their hospital customers and their patients.”

About BloodHub: BloodHub is a company focused on delivering high quality, web enabled blood management applications. In careers that span 30 years, the company’s founders have worked exclusively on software for the blood transfusion industry and have started and grown three successful companies. Together and individually, they have written or managed applications that span the entire blood management process from recruitment and collections to manufacturing, testing, distribution, and now IRLs. For additional information on BloodHub, visit

About Miller-Keystone Blood Center: Founded in 1971, MKBC serves as the sole blood provider for 30 hospitals in eastern PA and western NJ.  MKBC is a member of America’s Blood Centers, a national network of independent, non-profit community blood centers that provide approximately 60% of the blood products transfused in the United States.  For over 50 years, MKBC has been one of the nation’s best regarded, highly experienced blood centers, delivering safe, reliable blood products when the community needs them most. To learn more, visit: