ImpactLife chooses BloodRelay® to alleviate IRL staffing shortages

by Brian Burkett

BloodRelay® automates patient and unit testing, helps maintain quality and staff morale

Phoenix, Arizona: BloodHub, the nation’s dominant supply chain ecosystem, today announced that ImpactLife selected BloodRelay® v1.1.0 (BloodRelay) to help automate its Immunohematology Reference Lab (IRL).

ImpactLife, like many blood centers, is experiencing staffing shortages.  Hiring knowledgeable, experienced staff is difficult and time-consuming.  This, combined with rapid growth, created morale challenges for ImpactLife’s IRL team which is known for its exceptional customer service, fast turnaround and high quality.

“From our very first look at BloodRelay we were blown away,” says Elizabeth Hopkins, Director, Reference Lab at ImpactLife. “Our hospital partners are also experiencing staffing challenges, which has increased our workload substantially as hospitals outsource more tests.  We needed a solution to help address the staffing crunch because equalizing workload and process automation are critical in maintaining exceptional testing quality. BloodRelay delivers across the board, and importantly, will help us boost morale and productivity in our lab.”

BloodRelay helps automate IRL workflows including patient and sample management, testing and reporting. BloodRelay’s flexible setup allows users to configure patient records to capture the information the IRL requires. Tracking sample data with flexible, user-defined fields and enabling tests that mirror existing workflows allows for optimal efficiency.  Two-way integration includes importing orders from BloodHub and exporting patient reports.  The result is a paperless, transparent and cost efficient process, from start to finish.

Michael Pandelakis, BloodHub CEO added, “ImpactLife has a clear vision for BloodRelay.  They methodically vetted the solution and estimated time saved per test to guarantee, not only increased quality, but positive ROI.  With BloodRelay, ImpactLife’s visionary leadership leads the industry in leveraging BloodHub’s integrated ecosystem to service hospitals and patients.”

About BloodHub: BloodHub is a company focused on delivering high quality, web enabled blood management applications. In careers that span 30 years, the company’s founders have worked exclusively on software for the blood transfusion industry and have started and grown three successful companies. Together and individually, they have written or managed applications that span the entire blood management process from recruitment and collections to manufacturing, testing, distribution, and now IRLs. For additional information on BloodHub, visit

About ImpactLife: ImpactLife is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, independent, community blood center, founded in 1974 as Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center in Davenport, Iowa also serving Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin. ImpactLife provides lifesaving blood products to more than 125 hospitals in their four-state region.  To learn more about ImpactLife, visit: