How BloodHub Logged 4,000,000 Orders (by sweating the details)

by BloodHub

In May 2016, we crossed an important milestone in BloodHub’s history: one million orders. We wrote a blog post about it and put out a press release, too.

We celebrated this unique achievement, and then, we went back to work “sweating the details.” For us, that means paying attention to what matters most to you: new features, ease of use, fast response times, no bugs, solid security, and most important, fast, friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

It took us four years to reach 1 million orders. Two years later, we added an astounding 3 more million orders! But we did not log 4M orders alone: more than 30,000 active users across 3,400 hospitals use BloodHub every day to order blood components, lab services and much, much more.

And we are far from done. In addition to 600 hospitals that will start using BloodHub soon, existing clients discover new ways to leverage BloodHub’s open architecture to lower costs, improve efficiencies, and save lives. That’s why BloodHub currently captures over 130,000 orders per month (and growing).

Our team realizes that America’s blood supply is now managed, in large part, using BloodHub infrastructure. That’s outright humbling. But now we know exactly how to handle this responsibility: we will simply keep sweating the details.