Real Time Visibility for Orders, Deliveries, Lab Results and Invoices


Ordering for Hospitals

Easy To Learn

BloodHub’s easy-to-learn and easy-to-use online ordering is quicker and more accurate than phone and fax orders. New staff need little, if any, training. And since all orders are in in one place, duplicate orders between shifts are a thing of the past.


Maintain accountability through every transaction with detailed audit trails that record every data change. Discover opportunities for improvement, from product utilization to demand patterns.


Ordering online is fast and efficient, and takes less time than faxes or phone calls. Want to save even more time? Set up recurring orders and re-use templates to automate repetitive tasks.

Peace of Mind

With a defined, controlled process working to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, rest assured your orders will be handled promptly. And if they are not, you’ll know about it with plenty of time to find a solution.

Fulfillment for Hospitals


Keep your focus on patient care and let us handle your blood and lab orders. Visually recognize the status of all requests, sorted and color coded by your priority.


We cross-check every single order against the units put the box. This verification step ensures that fill errors are caught early and back orders are created if supply is insufficient.

Lab Results

Track your lab order and know when the sample arrived. Keep everything in one place, including lab results in easy-to-read attachments. Best of all, billing information for lab charges is available in real time.

Fill Rate

Does your supplier consistently meet your needs? Find out precisely how your orders are filled, including back orders and substitutions. Calculate your exact fill rate by product and blood type.

Logistics for Hospitals

On Its Way

Skip the anxious phone calls and know with certainty, and in real time, when your blood left the blood supplier’s location.

Proof of Receipt

When your shipment arrives, it will be marked as delivered. Need more? Electronically sign for your blood and keep track of who accepted the shipment.

Lab Samples & Returns

When the driver arrives, make sure patient samples and product returns are not left behind. Know when the sample arrives in the lab so that your tests are never delayed.

Turnaround Time

Want to know how long a STAT takes from start to finish? Now you can, with access to rich data that tracks total turnaround time for all your orders, sorted by priority.

BloodBill for Hospitals


More than an email containing a PDF invoice, paperless billing gives you access to every aspect of your invoice. Choose the level of detail you prefer and keep the complexity to a minimum.

Drill Downs

Have questions about a charge? Wondering why a credit was denied? Avoid lengthy email exchanges or phone calls and get answers immediately with easy drill downs to source transactions.


Stay organized and never lose track of pending invoices or late charges. Every invoice, every disputed charge, every task is clearly visible and accessible.

Open for Analysis

Need access to billing data for further analysis or to accelerate your reconciliation? Download your transactions into your favorite tools to find trends and pinpoint billing questions.

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