Go Lean with Paperless Services

by BloodHub

When we founded BloodHub back in 2010, our “big picture” vision was to bridge the gap between Blood Suppliers and Hospitals.  That, of course, meant Online Ordering, Inventory, Logistics and more.

We quickly realized that a lot of information flows between the supplier and its customers.  This information is often captured on paper forms and then faxed, or is simply relayed by phone.  These manual, paper-based processes are not accountable, auditable or measurable.  And they are error-prone, as well as expensive (a terrible combination in today’s healthcare environment)!

So we build BloodHub Services to help you eliminate paper and make your processes more reliable.  Services are user-defined, multi-part forms that resemble paper forms – but with smarts.  Services can express almost any hospital request, from Customer Service incidents to sophisticated Lab Testing.  Seting up a Service is very easy.

Using Services is even easier.  Hospital users can quickly fire up a Service, enter data, ensure required fields are populated, and simply send.  After that, a Service behaves just like an order but is 100% accountable, with detailed audit trails (who did what when), and measurable.  And, unlike a fax or phone call, nothing gets “lost in the shuffle”.

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