FDA clears BloodRelay v1.1.0 for IRLs

by Brian Burkett

BloodRelay automates patient and unit testing, integrates with BloodHub

BloodHub, the nation’s dominant supply chain automation solution, today announced that BloodRelay v1.1.0 (BloodRelay) received a 510(k) clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This marks BloodHub’s second successful submission of a blood establishment computer system (BECS) to the FDA.

BloodRelay builds on the inventory management and product control foundation of v1.0.0 with a feature set directly aimed at automating Immunohematology Reference Labs (IRLs) and other blood supplier laboratories. BloodRelay is a web-native application that now includes patient management, sample tracking, testing, results and interpretations, as well as hospital report generation.

“Automating the blood supply chain is what we do,” says Michael Pandelakis, Founder and CEO at BloodHub. “Delivering a new product must carefully balance functionality, integration, and economics to deliver a compelling value proposition. BloodRelay definitely hits the mark!”

BloodRelay, like all BloodHub solutions, is focused on reliability, innovation and ease of use. The customer is in control: many elements, such as patient, sample and test are configurable making implementation smooth and adoption easy. BloodRelay also integrates bi-directionally with BloodHub Services. This two-way integration promotes seamless order entry and patient report transmission. Taken together, BloodRelay will enhance staff productivity, help reduce errors, and facilitate improved patient care.

Andrew Pandelakis, Founder and COO, added, “BloodRelay’s underlying architecture is an engineering achievement. It allows each implementation to be customized to meet the needs of each lab’s users while maintaining the tight process controls needed for a regulated application. Over time, we intend to improve BloodRelay to enhance the end user experience.”

To schedule a demo, visit https://www.bloodhub.com/demo/