Coronavirus Readiness

by Brian Burkett

BloodHub is operating at full staff capacity, with no issues reported.  We are cognizant of our vital role in supporting the US Blood Supply. Our Business Continuity analysis has identified two key areas of risk from Coronavirus: our employees and our service providers.

Employees:  BloodHub’s management team has issued clear instructions to our employees to work from home only.  Our team must avoid crowded spaces and public transportation and limit exposure to the general public.  All meetings and business travel are cancelled through April 30.

Service Providers:  BloodHub relies on certain “cloud” services to host the system and manage user security.  These service providers are very large, established and deeply resourced companies and include Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, and Auth0.  We are actively monitoring their service status online, and if the need arises, we are able to reach dedicated human contacts. At this time, we have full confidence that our service providers and their operations will continue uninterrupted.  

Looking ahead, we are confident we can sustain social isolation measures indefinitely.  BloodHub was engineered to be a virtual company. Our team can do their work from anywhere, and as of right now, we are all staying home and staying as safe as possible.  We hope you and your families stay safe and healthy.


Michael N. Pandelakis