Bloodworks innovates INSIDE the box

by Brian Burkett

For many years, Bloodworks NW has used BloodHub to engage more deeply with its hospitals, improve its operations and lower costs.  In fact, Bloodworks has one of the lowest STAT % rates in the nation, which speaks volumes in terms of customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Bloodworks recently launched Bioproducts, a newly formed division that supplies academic institutions and biotechnology firms with cellular products for research.  Not long after, the Bioproducts team approached us and asked if BloodHub could be deployed for non-transfusable products. We said ‘sure’, thinking, “Well, how hard can it be?  The process is the same: order, fill, ship, bill. That’s our bread-and-butter!”.

Not so fast.  Products for research vary greatly.  Unlike blood product for transfusion, products for research are highly customized to the needs of the researcher.  Customers may order different products, collected using specialized draw processes from uniquely selected donors, followed by very detailed instructions on storage, temperature, and shipping.  In fact, orders vary so widely they are often treated as unique production runs.

Luckily, BloodHub’s technology is highly adaptable and readily “flexed” to meet Bioproducts’ requirements.  Together, our teams created workflows that meet Bioproducts’ requirements using BloodHub’s existing building blocks for supply chain automation.  “We delivered this solution with no code changes, just creative configuration”, said Brian Burkett, Senior Director at BloodHub.

Aaron Posey, Chief Ventures Officer, added “Our collaboration with BloodHub was tight.  That, more than anything else, helped us deliver this solution quickly. Now, our customers prefer placing their very specific orders through BloodHub’s highly accountable, transparent platform.”

To obtain login credentials to the Bioproducts portal, or to learn more about Bloodworks’ products for research, email (consent agreement required).

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