The BloodHub Team Grows By One

by BloodHub

Like most engineering firms, we focus on the numbers. We constantly look at quantitative facts like page views, uptime, response times, and the like. Numbers keep us grounded and show us where we need to improve.

But numbers are meaningless without the right people. We are pleased to announce that Melissa Kuhn has joined our team. Melissa is not new to BloodHub. In fact, our team has collaborated with Melissa for over five years, and she is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced with BloodHub.

In 2013, OneBlood selected BloodHub for their supply chain automation and Melissa was appointed Project Manager. Melissa led the implementation effort, including setting up products, services, and hospital accounts, training internal and hospital users, essentially everything OneBlood needed to go live.

Since then, Melissa helped us refine existing BloodHub capabilities and stimulated our thinking with new feature requests. She’s helped implement all new BloodHub features at OneBlood, including sample tracking for lab services, real-time hospital inventory, product returns and credits, driver dispatch and logistics, and most recently, billing. And, as OneBlood’s leading BloodHub expert, Melissa is intimate with the impact BloodHub has on hospital relations, cost reduction, efficiencies, and quality improvements.

Please join us in welcoming Melissa!

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