BloodHub Joins InVita Healthcare Technologies to Accelerate Integrated Solutions for Blood Centers

by Brian Burkett

Phoenix, AZ – Oct. 6, 2022 –BloodHub, a leader in blood and biologics supply chain automation solutions, and InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading software solutions provider to healthcare, blood centers, public health, and public safety organizations, today announced that BloodHub is joining InVita to form the dominant provider of process automation software solutions to blood centers in North America.

An industry innovator since 2010, BloodHub’s flagship order-to-cash cycle platform transacts two out of every three life-saving blood products in the United States. The company’s newest offering, BloodRelay, is a 510(k)-cleared system that automates IRL (Immunohematology Reference Lab) workflows including patient and sample management, testing, and reporting.

“This transaction will allow BloodHub to accelerate our vision to fully digitize blood center processes with paperless, seamlessly integrated solutions,” said Michael Pandelakis, Founder and CEO of BloodHub. “As a result, our customers will be able to streamline operations more quickly and respond successfully to today’s unprecedented blood supply challenges.”

“BloodHub is a natural fit with InVita’s blood management portfolio and our shared commitment to provide innovative solutions to the blood center ecosystem.” said Todd Collins, President and CEO of InVita. “We welcome the BloodHub team to InVita and look forward to serving our customer base with a comprehensive set of solutions for managing complex medical workflows.”

About BloodHub |

BloodHub is a company focused on delivering high quality, web enabled blood management applications. In careers that span 30 years, the company’s founders have worked exclusively on software for the blood transfusion industry and have started and grown three successful companies. Together and individually, they have written or managed applications that span the entire blood management process from recruitment and collections to manufacturing, testing, distribution, and now IRLs. For additional information on BloodHub, visit

About InVita Healthcare Technologies |

InVita provides chain of custody software technologies for complex medical, forensic and community care environments. InVita’s solutions optimize supply chains, sample tracking, and visibility across blood and plasma operations, the tissue and implant lifecycle, and environments spanning DNA and forensics. InVita’s solutions support increased compliance and cost control, reduced risk, and improved patient and public safety outcomes.