BloodHub Grows To 10 Million Blood Orders

by Brian Burkett

Two out of every 3 life-saving blood products in the United States are transacted on BloodHub.

BloodHub, the nation’s dominant blood and biologics supply chain solution, today announced that hospitals and blood suppliers created 10 million blood, laboratory and service orders through BloodHub. This milestone marks a major achievement on BloodHub’s ten year journey to fully digitize the blood supply chain with a seamless, paperless Order-To-Cash cycle.

“Adoption keeps growing because our users find new, creative ways to capture, process and invoice every type of hospital demand,” says Michael Pandelakis, Founder and CEO at BloodHub. “In 2021, we will process more than 2 millon orders, equaling 17 million blood components, 200,000+ laboratory orders, and $1 billion invoiced.  The BloodHub ecosystem continues to expand its mission-critical role in the nation’s healthcare supply chain.  We take that responsibility seriously, because even one failure can have disastrous consequences.”

Processing a growing number of order, inventory and billing transactions exposes our development team to novel use cases.  BloodHub’s innovation is largely driven by user ideas and feedback, which often result in high value features that improve service, increase revenue, or lower costs.  It is precisely this deep and broad feature set, coupled with exceptional reliability, that lays the foundation for future innovation and expansion.

Andrew Pandelakis, Founder and COO, added, “Since inception, our emphasis has been on gaining, and then retaining, user trust.  We focus first on the basics: code quality, scalability and system uptime.  If users trust us, they will ask for more and that drives growth.  Sure, it’s a simple idea but one that’s devilishly difficult to execute on consistently.  Even a small mistake can set us back and we work hard to avoid breaking that hard-earned trust.”

BloodHub is a company focused on delivering high quality, web enabled blood management applications. In careers that span 25+ years, the company’s founders have worked exclusively on software for the blood transfusion industry and have started and grown three successful companies. Together and individually, they have written or managed applications that span the entire blood management process from recruitment and collections to manufacturing, testing and distribution. To schedule a BloodHub demo, visit