American Red Cross completes BloodHub rollout

by Brian Burkett

In December 2018, the American Red Cross completed its implementation of BloodHub across all regions and hospitals. In addition to product orders, returns and transfers, users are now able to request Reference Lab services and genomic testing, track patient samples and much more – all in a paperless, real-time environment that can digitize every hospital transaction.

Hospital feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Users frequently say “BloodHub is easy to learn and use. We love it!”. Benefits include transparency, accountability, and the efficiencies of BloodHub’s Single Point of Service (SPS), the online portal that connects them to the American Red Cross’ vast offering of products and services. Best of all, user adoption has been very high with 85% of orders entered online (and growing!).

BloodHub now serves more than 4,000 hospitals nationwide, with over 40,000 active users who transact 10 million blood components and 150,000 patient lab orders annually. There’s more growth ahead with a constant stream of new features to help the Red Cross enhance its customer experience.

We extend our sincere thanks to the American Red Cross and its team of dedicated professionals who worked tirelessly to deliver BloodHub to their customers. No question, this is a massive accomplishment and we are excited to explore the opportunities that lie ahead.