Our Mission is Your Peace of Mind

The BloodHub Team

Michael Pandelakis

Founder & CEO

Andrew Pandelakis

Founder & COO

Patrick McGraw

Founder & CTO

Brian Burkett

Sr. Director

Susanne Logan

Sr. Director

Melissa Kuhn

Program Manager

Billie Johnson

VP, Customer Experience
The BloodHub Story

Our Experience and Your Input Bring Order to the Blood Supply Chain

Software and service shaped around the needs of America’s blood supply.

For more than 25 years, our founders have developed software for blood bankers, spanning the entire supply chain from donor recruitment and collections, to manufacturing, testing, and now distribution.

BloodHub was launched in 2010 to meet the changing needs of the blood banking industry. Our founding vision remains simple: bring blood suppliers and hospitals closer with a paperless process that is automated and transparent, backed by exceptional reliability, ease of use, smart ideas and responsive, personalized service.

Adoption has exceeded our wildest expectations. Today, well over 60% of America’s blood supply is ordered through BloodHub. We did not do this alone. Our progress comes from ideas, suggestions and insights provided by folks just like you. We have a name for this collaboration: Made To Order.

But don’t just take our word for it. Learn how BloodHub delivers solutions that are made to order, or see BloodHub in action with a customized demo.