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Managing your blood supply is not a trivial task. There are a lot of moving parts and things can easily go awry. BloodHub’s goal is to make you more productive by reducing errors and streamlining order management - end to end.

It all starts with a consistent process that clearly shows where every order stands. No more missed STAT orders, phone tag, lost or unreadable faxes. From the time an order is created to the time it is delivered, BloodHub captures every interaction in detail, giving blood centers and hospitals total process visibility - in real time.

BloodHub takes this concept to the next level. With intuitive order templates and powerful search options, time consuming tasks are made easy and error free. Eliminating errors and reducing friction are good. Yet the real benefit of productivity is cost reduction. Simply put, in today’s constrained healthcare environment, your time is valuable.

So invest your time wisely. Contact us to see how BloodHub can boost your productivity. Click here or press the green Schedule Demo button in the top menu to get started.