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Supply chain automation equals data systems integration. It’s not just a “cool idea” - it is a business imperative. Today, blood suppliers and their customers must exchange information in real time to improve process quality and lower costs.

BloodHub employs the very latest, cloud based technologies using a non-proprietary, open architecture. For customers this means highly available, highly redundant hosting that can scale up as your volumes grow. Integration with legacy applications is easy. Disaster recovery and compliance with patient confidentiality requirements is built in. And best of all, there is no need to buy and maintain expensive server hardware and software.

BloodHub is also web based. In fact, all you need to run it is a browser and an Internet connection. We also support a full range of mobile and tablet computing devices so you can manage your blood supply anytime from anywhere.

Our open philosophy extends to your data as well. BloodHub users can securely access and download summary and detail information using any reporting platform, from Excel to sophisticated data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.

Want to go behind the scenes and learn more about BloodHub’s open architecture? Click here or press the green Schedule Demo button in the top menu to get started.