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BloodHub User Meeting exceeds expectations

As most of our customers know, BloodHub's mission is to create a better way for blood centers and hospitals to collaborate and save lives.  Yes, BloodHub helps lower costs and drives efficiencies; that's a given in today's healthcare environment.  But we also aim to delight our users and make their life easier.  

With that in mind, we invited a group of hospital and blood center users to exchange ideas and share best practices.  Attendance exceeded our highest expectations: over 50 participants showed up representing a diverse group of organizations from across the United States.  This select group included senior executives, middle managers and front-line staff, and all contributed their unique perspective to the discussion.

Topics ranged from real-time hospital inventory and paperless services to process management using key performance indicators.  The dynamic dialog started during the presentations and continued over refreshments and appetizers.  Everyone learned a lot (and we did too!) which made this meeting a resounding success for all.

A big thank you to our partners at OneBlood who provided the venue, tireless support, and above all positive feedback - we can't thank you enough.  We look forward to the next User Meeting!




BloodHub to exhibit at AABB 2016 in Orlando

We are pleased to announce BloodHub will exhibit at the AABB Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet the BloodHub team and learn more about:








Where: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando FL

When: October 22-25, 2016

Booth: #438

If you do not plan on attending, we would be happy to provide a no obligation demonstration.  Fill out the online demo request, and we will do the rest!


One Million Orders! (and counting...)

For those of you who know us well, we're not big on tooting our own horn.  We stick to our knitting and focus on delivering results: higher quality code, faster transaction times, robust security, more features, an ever-improving user experience.  Essentially the nuts-and-bolts of creating, delivering and supporting great software that blood bankers can rely on.  We refer to this routine as "sweating the details" and it is part of our Values.  Bragging (normally) is not.

Today though, we're going to change our tune a bit, and we will toot that horn - HARD!  That's because we just accomplished something unique: BloodHub has has processed over one million product and service orders! To give this milestone that some context, BloodHub now serves 13,000 active users across 2,100 hospitals and 130 distrubution hubs, nationwide.

Big numbers.  And we're not done yet, not by a long shot.  We are still implementing many new customers of varying size, complexity and georgraphic span.  All are important to us, and all will help us improve through valuable feedback and thousands (correction, millions!) of life-saving transactions.

Looking ahead, when all customers are live, BloodHub will be responsible for 2/3rds of the nation's blood supply, including countless service, lab, credit and inventory transactions.  In less than 4 years, BloodHub has become a mission-critical link in the nation's healthcare infrastructure.

That's an awesome responsibility, one which we take very seriously.  How will we handle it?  By focusing on what matters most: performance, usability, security, code quality, great customer service.  Put simply, we will sweat the details.

Want to learn more?  Check out our press release.


Uptime and Speed: Do you feel the difference?

BloodHub is engineered from the ground up to deliver a great user experience.  And for a great user experience, two things matter above all else: uptime and speed.  We measure these (and many more) performance indicators, and once a year we publish these numbers.

In 2015, BloodHub's uptime was an outstanding 99.979%, which is a significant improvement over the impressive figures posted in 2013 and 2014.  If asked, most users would simply say "BloodHub is always up".

Response times fared even better.  Average page load time was 2.4 seconds, compared to last year's 2.7 seconds / page load.  We also were able to serve more users faster: 89.5% of all page load requests completed in under 4 seconds.  

A 300 millisecond improvement in page load time may not sound like much, but it is a HUGE improvement given that BloodHub traffic grew by a whopping 50%.  Improving performance while growing quickly is not easy - it takes time, attention and substantive investments in infrastructure.

Will end users "feel the difference" in speed and uptime?  Probably not, but they do feel the cumulative attention to detail and quality, as well as our obsession with responsive customer service.  These investments are already paying dividends in customer goodwill, referrals and new feature requests.

We wish all of you, and especially those who working on New Year's Eve, happy New Year with health and prosperity in 2016.


Go lean with paperless Services

When we founded BloodHub back in 2010, our "big picture" vision was to bridge the gap between Blood Suppliers and Hospitals.  That, of course, meant Online Ordering, Inventory, Logistics and more.

We quickly realized that a lot of information flows between the supplier and its customers.  This information is often captured on paper forms and then faxed, or is simply relayed by phone.  These manual, paper-based processes are not accountable, auditable or measurable.  And they are error-prone, as well as expensive (a terrible combination in today's healthcare environment)!

So we build BloodHub Services to help you eliminate paper and make your processes more reliable.  Services are user-defined, multi-part forms that resemble paper forms - but with smarts.  Services can express almost any hospital request, from Customer Service incidents to sophisticated Lab Testing.  Seting up a Service is very easy.

Using Services is even easier.  Hospital users can quickly fire up a Service, enter data, ensure required fields are populated, and simply send.  After that, a Service behaves just like an order but is 100% accountable, with detailed audit trails (who did what when), and measurable.  And, unlike a fax or phone call, nothing gets "lost in the shuffle".

Want to learn more about implementing or using Services?  Contact us now for a personalized, no obligation demo.